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Call Us:  (801) 301-1900

Call Us:  (801) 301-1900

Flat Roofing

We are the commercial Flat Roof Specialists. Our crew has a combined experience of nearly 50 years. Because we mostly do Flat Roof installations and flat roof repairs, we are the Flat Roof experts in, and around, Salt Lake City. We serve the Central and Northern parts of the state of Utah.


We have purposely chosen to partner with GAF which has been in business for over 160 years!  They are one of the leading national and international manufacturers of single ply roofing systems.  Additionally, they sell the 3 major single ply systems on the market (TPO, PVC and EPDM) and even offer warranties as long as 30 years on their systems!  At CRE, we’re proud to use GAF single ply products.
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The following is a list of the Single Ply systems we install and a brief description of each.

TPO – This is a white thermoplastic membrane ranging in warranty from 15-30 years
Roofing Tear-off by Salt lake City Flat Roofing ExpertsTypical thicknesses are 45 and 60 mil. The seams are heat welded and the typical roll is 10’ wide.  The benefits of TPO are thermal reflectivity and head welded seams.  TPO has been used in the roofing industry for more than 30 years.

PVC – There are a few membranes that fall into this category.  Commercial Roofing Experts can install all of these membranes.  They are similar to TPO but different in their components and chemical structure.  The warranty on a PVC roof ranges from 15-30 years; although, some versions of PVC roofing even have a limited lifetime warranty. PVC is the best choice for restaurants or industrial buildings because it is much more resistant to chemicals and oils/fats than other membranes.  In other words, it will be more durable under extreme conditions.

 EPDM – This is a black rubber membrane ranging in warranty form 15-30 years.  EPDM ranges from 45-90 mil thickness.  The benefits of EPDM are its proven track record of about 50 years, greater durability, and its larger roll widths (up to 50’), thus requiring fewer seams. Its main weaknesses is the seams, which are sealed by double sided tape or glue. unlike TPO and PVC which have a heat welded seam.  It is also much less reflective since it is typically a black membrane.